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The grass is not greener on the other side… it’s just the same colour

Josh, Maya and Sophie

Throughout my life I have suffered from ‘the grass is greener on the othersideitis’. As a child I wanted my sister’s long blonde hair, I wanted all the toys my cousin had. I wanted the eloquence and humour of a family friend, and the confidence and fitness of my neighbour up the road. As I grew into a teenager, I wanted the popularity of the cool kids, their boyfriends and make-up. I wanted to travel like the adventurers on TV and be as skinny as all those people who were skinnier than me. For my whole life I have measured myself against all those who I felt had more, and always came up short. So I strived with heart and soul to achieve all those things that I thought were missing from my life.

In my almost 35 years of life so far I have done much. I have had long hair, worked hard to buy the ‘toys’ I thought I wanted to play with. I have written poems that have later brought tears to my eyes, and have made many people laugh. I have married the handsome guy and given birth to the beautiful son. I have walked with confidence, been skinny, and journeyed to the most wonderful of places. I have travelled to the top of my mountains of fear, and skipped happily down the other side. Now, as I sit in the office of the house I have built, I realise a few things that I’m sure I have realised a million times over. There is no cure for ‘the grass is greener on the othersideitis’. And even though this is not new information, today, as I sit here, it’s a new feeling.

There isn’t a pill or potion for something like this. Because no matter how many things I have, it is only the love and acceptance that I have inside, for myself, that quiets the voices. It is only the prayer that I feed to my soul that makes any difference. The only thing that really matters in this world is the conversation that I have with the One who created me.

I’m asking myself, exactly what the point is to these words that I’m writing. Perhaps it’s a message, to myself most of all, but to others out there who are pushing themselves to madness. The things we posses are fleeting.   Tomorrow they will belong to someone else, our bodies will rot in the ground, and the stories of our lives will be the ones of love and service. Our history will be written on the walls of other men’s hearts, not the walls of our castles.

Perhaps this is a signing off, I’m not really sure if this blog will continue. Our lovely home is built and we are enjoying it’s spaces. Thank you so much for coming along for the ride so far. My focus now will be on new and exciting challenges that life is already stirring up for us! Perhaps this will be the place to share some of that, perhaps it will be HERE! Do keep in touch!

Love love love

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Day 171 Screed

The view this evening from outside the door of the house in the city!

The timing of today couldn’t really have been more perfect! On the shortest day of the year, when many businesses are closing up for christmas, work on the site was happily winding down for a short winter break.

The floor screed, prepared and ready to go, was poured without hassle this morning, with the whole upstairs complete before I arrived at 11.30 this morning! I got there in time to take a few pictures of the screed being poured in the main living space downstairs. It’s lovely to see people working quickly, when they’re organised, and have everything they need. They just come in and do a good job. There is certainly a great level of satisfaction in that.

Now we just need to be patient and let the screed dry over the next few weeks. Though it is already able to take light traffic, it won’t be ready for floors and tiles for at least three weeks. So while all are enjoying the festive season, the floor will dry, ready for the next wave of activity after the holidays.

We were blessed this evening with a most beautiful sunset! Today Josh turns two and a half!!

Check out the Fast Floor Screed Ltd HERE. They really know their stuff!!


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Day 63 – Week 8, we get the front door key!!

Friday (yesterday) was day 63, end of week 8 and the builder handed us the front door key. Most of the windows are in, just 5 more units to go, including the back door. It’s great being in the house now, the upstairs is all closed in, so its getting warm up there… it gave us a little taste of what’s to come!

As the windows have been going in, Rob and I have been frantically trying to figure out what kind of flooring and tiles we’re going to use, it’s a bit of a nightmare. Trying to fit personal taste and budget together!

I’m starting to get nervous about the finished house, and just hope that we do it justice. I feel responsible to get it all right…

Here are a few pictures of the windows (from the inside) that have been installed and the big metal front door! We’re going to have to get used to that!! For some reason when we ordered the windows, we (I) didn’t give any thought to the design of the front door. I just hadn’t realised it was all coming in the same shipment, from the same company. Well, can’t change it now! 🙂

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Day 8 – 18 check this out!!! This blows me away!

Today was so exciting!! I didn’t know whether to run and hug someone or cry!! I never imaged I’d get so excited about a digger moving dirt and stone around but WOW… our builder uses this system of building a suspended timber floor, which means there is a crawl-space under the house. This system is not commonly used in ireland but it means that all the ground works can be completed at the very beginning of the build, leaving the area around the house in an almost finished state!

The builder also likes to have the site clean and tidy before the starts the timber framing, so today we saw the first glimpses of the finished ground level outside the house and how the shape of the garden will be. It’s still very early days, but it was a huge milestone. The ground can hold a lot of uncertainty, there really is no way of knowing what you’re going to find, till you find it. So to be done with the ground works stage is wonderful!

Take a look at the slideshow of the last two weeks! I can hardly believe the progress… and I am still finding it hard to grasp that this is all happening for real!! Thank you so so much for coming along for the ride!!

Click HERE for a better look at the finished ground works!

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