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Day 242 Sunglasses required! Shedding dust!

The painting is pretty much all done! Larry has done a beautiful job! He even cleaned our most inaccessible window while he was painting around it!

As I walked in the back door, Florence, looking for something, looked as though he needed a pair of sunglasses more than anything else. I found the slight squint in his eye a little amusing! The paint is such a dazzling white its takes a second to adjust to the brightness!! Truly lovely! The whole house is the same colour and I love it! The blank page excites me, and its the same with a perfectly smooth, white room! A canvas onto which you can paint any picture. The imagination runs wild when faced with a clean white surface!

I was delighted to see that one of Florence’s previous houses has been featured in another architectural / selfbuild magazine. Though I didn’t get a chance to read the article, the pictures did the house justice!

Today was light on light on light. We also got the news that we have received planning permission on our temporary entrance!  I’m so glad we didn’t have to take the original route. It was more expensive, more difficult.

Our bathroom and utility room tiles arrived today, and the carpet is ready to be fitted. I also finally ordered the Chinese bamboo flooring, which will hopefully arrive early next week (from England!!).

It was also a gloriously sunny day today and the daffodils are out in full bloom. I brought the first boxes to my parents home (so moving house seems a lot less daunting). Rob’s driving instructor was happy with his progress and I got a lovely gift of earrings.. I have yet to pierce my ears, but I’ve been wanting to for weeks, so now I have something to wear when I do!

All in all its been a lovely day! Tomorrow is our fasting month, so like the clean, white, house, I hope this next month will see a little soul spring cleaning. I need to polish my mirror and shed a little dust (a lot of dust).



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Day 93 – Follow your heart!

This morning as I turned on the computer and warmed up to today, the news struck immediately that Steve Jobs had passed away. I was lead to a youtube video of a commencement speech he did at Stanford in 2005. I’d never seen it before, but it was an incredible moment of confirmation. That following our hearts, no matter how challenging it is, is the right thing to do. He spoke about ‘connecting the dots’, that really we can only connect them in hindsight, and that in the moment, when we are faced with a decision, we need to trust that the decision we make, based on our talents, capacities and passions, will lead us in the right direction.

It made me want to cry! Following our heart and passion is so difficult. Because we run the risk of failing at something that we have put our heart and soul into. The thing I have to keep remembering, is that we never fail, as long as we never give up. Any ‘failure’ is just a stepping stone to the next experience that will bring us forward in our learning.

I wish I’d known more about Steve Jobs when he was alive.

Here are some pictures of a very exiting development in the build!  Roof lights and tiles. This is a busy week though because the plumbing and heat recovery ventilation is also being installed! Seeing the roof lights go in is fantastic, the whole upstairs in being opened up now! Truly lovely!

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5th Sept – Day 66 – Sliding Window is installed

Again its been a long time since I’ve updated so you’re going to get lots all at once!

Here are a few images taken on September 5th, when the two large windows were installed. I was only there to see the last one being moved. The builders needed glass lifters as the triple glaze makes them impossible to carry. You could tell that they’d done it many times before. All 25 windows, including doors, were expertly installed in just three days. The foam filling was put in on the fourth day.

Now, over a week later, it feels like they’ve always been there. The house is settling into its plot, always a welcome view from the road!

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