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Day 231 – Dealing with Delays!

It’s been a long month! We’ve been waiting for the ESB to connect us to the grid, but finally it’s done. We have power, we have heat and while we were waiting, the builders built an entrance, so no more ramp! Though the entrance isn’t finished yet, it’s looking good so far!

Here are a few catch up photos taken over the last few weeks! It has been wonderful walking into a warm house, even though there’s nothing in it yet! Once the floor is dry and we get the go ahead, the painting will begin and then floors, tiles, plumping and electrics (2nd fix). It’s going to get very busy, very soon!

We’ll start moving stuff into my parents home down the lane in just 3 weeks! Hopefully we’ll be in the house a couple of weeks after that!

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Day 190 – Screed in the Sun!

It’s always fantastic being in the house when the sun shines. Here are a few photos of the screed, slowly drying out!! Hey I know, fascinating stuff!!!


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Day 171 Screed

The view this evening from outside the door of the house in the city!

The timing of today couldn’t really have been more perfect! On the shortest day of the year, when many businesses are closing up for christmas, work on the site was happily winding down for a short winter break.

The floor screed, prepared and ready to go, was poured without hassle this morning, with the whole upstairs complete before I arrived at 11.30 this morning! I got there in time to take a few pictures of the screed being poured in the main living space downstairs. It’s lovely to see people working quickly, when they’re organised, and have everything they need. They just come in and do a good job. There is certainly a great level of satisfaction in that.

Now we just need to be patient and let the screed dry over the next few weeks. Though it is already able to take light traffic, it won’t be ready for floors and tiles for at least three weeks. So while all are enjoying the festive season, the floor will dry, ready for the next wave of activity after the holidays.

We were blessed this evening with a most beautiful sunset! Today Josh turns two and a half!!

Check out the Fast Floor Screed Ltd HERE. They really know their stuff!!


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Day 169 – Turn up the heat!

Though we don’t yet have the electricity to turn it all on, nor the heat pump, come to think of it, we have very much reached the stage of bringing life into the house. Heat, one of my favourite things in the world, will soon embrace the house, and shake off the chill of winter. 

The house is situated next to the river, surrounded by tree’s so by its nature is a cool damp site in winter, and a hot sun trap in the summer. Right now the house is holding all the moisture of the land and until the screed is poured and the heat goes on, that’s only going to get worse! 

There was question as to whether we needed underfloor heating upstairs, but now, having seen how cool the site is at this time of year, I’m very glad we kept it in. The house will be warm and cosy. 

Here are a selection of photos, showing the installation of the underfloor heating tubes. This all took place today. 

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Day 165 – Looking like home!

Today was brilliant! Most of the house has been cleaned and plastic laid in preparation for the underfloor heating tubes, which will be clipped down next monday. The house is starting to look like I imagined it in my head.

windows seem so high!

On a different note, I hope that the extra 50mm and the floor covering will raise the floors enough to get a better view out of the upstairs windows. At the moment they all seem too high and hard to see out of. Money was the main constraint when it came to windows, trying to get the most out of the windows within our budget. The other consideration was fire regulations. I had always hoped that the upstairs windows would reach the floor. so you could sit on the floor and look out, but it just wasn’t possible, or at least my imagination at the time didn’t allow it! I think if I were doing it over again, I would think much more about how the house interacts with the space outside.. I didn’t think about that enough…

In saying that though… this house is fantastic. I can’t believe how far we’ve come in such a short space of time!

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