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Day 271 – The kitchen and house by night!

Here are a few photos of the house at night! The kitchen is now in and its brilliant! It turned out great!

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Day 110 or thereabouts!

The last week or so has seen a lot of finishing up jobs being done. The roof was being finished, as was the insulation, the electrics, the plumbing, the plastering.. It’s been a very busy time on site, with lots of changes, most of which you’ve already seen! Some days there were up to 11 workmen (and women!!) on site!

Now we can see these jobs in their more complete state. I haven’t been able to be on site as often as I’d like, because I’ve started in a new job and also, this week, because Josh has a nasty cold and needs to stay indoors for a while.

But here are a few photos of the nice tidied house and some of the outside!! I feel like these are all pictures you’ve seen before! Though I think the plastering on the outside wasn’t complete the last time!!

This week we’ll see the inside plastering going on, so we’ll have internal walls. I really look forward to seeing that! It’ll give the house a very different feel, as we will no longer be able to see from one side of the house to the other. I imaging it’ll start to look dark again, but in some rooms it may even look brighter as the light will have no where to go!

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I’m a delay fish! Oh and SUBSCRIBE!

Just a quick quick update! Last week was a hectic week, and this week is turning out to be the same. I’ve been on site twice this week already and taken plenty of photos again… to be honest I’m just wrecked tired and don’t have the energy to upload and post them here for you tonight! So I’m going to delay for another day and hopefully upload some tomorrow.

As of today, pretty much the whole roof has its rafters now and plywood has been applied to half of it. I had a very odd and lovely feeling when I went upstairs today, because half of our ‘bedroom’ is now covered over. I was able to stand in its corner, sheltered from the breeze by the firmly nailed-down plywood and feel cosy.

It was a new feeling, feeling cosy in the bedroom…hahaha!!!

Another great thing is that the grass seed I planted last week is starting to sprout!!!! YAY 🙂

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Sorry no photos today! More coming soon.

love i

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Day 24 – Quick Update!

The wood for the house arrived today, along with the builder’s container with everything he needs to build the house! For the moment things are pretty quiet on site, with the lads working away on getting ready to start the timber frame. We should see some major progress again by Friday, my next visit out to site! The suspended floor will be going in and perhaps the FIRST FLOOR!!! I can’t image they’ll get it up that fast… but we’ll see!

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The Ground Works – Before and After shots!

Here are just a few before and after shots of a few areas around the site! When I see the field, just as a field I still feel sad, that this most beautiful field, will never be the same again! But its my hope to fill this earth, block and wood with love, community and vibrancy!

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Day 6 – Family visit!

Work has stopped on site for the weekend, so we take the kids down and have a good look around. It’s R’s first look at the site since work began!

Since the last update stone has been put onto the entrance, making it a proper road, so we’re able to take the car down for the first time!! The digger finished the trench down the lane and into the site so we now have running water on the site since thursday (day 4). Here are a few photos from fay 4 and 6.

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Day 2 – Leveling

Day 2 saw some great progress, conditions were dry and the area where the house will sit was cleared out and leveled. Dermot, the digger driver did all the work and I just stayed out of their way! In the lane way some branches were cut. We thought we’d have to take out the tree just to the left of the digger in the picture below, because the roots were being cut, but in the end, root damage was minimal!

The area is cleared and leveled, looks great!
The driveway!
Day 2 went so well, everyone was feeling great… The flat area for the house was leveled very quickly and we had our driveway by the end of the day. In time gravel will be put on top of this ground.  Roll on Day 3!!!
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