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Overdue Update!

I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything in over a week. It’s been that crazy. So the most recent update is that we’ve had to change solicitors as the old one was not working out for us. After considerable stress and bursting into tears after a phone conversation, I realised something had to change in that regard. Thankfully now we are working with a more amiable person who is more familiar with property law!

I was at the site three times this week, but forgot the camera twice.. I took a few pictures today of the progress over the last few days but too tired to upload them.

This week has seen the labourious and dirty job of applying the external cement board. Its a dusty unpleasant job which still isn’t done, as we’ve been waiting on another contractor. We also saw the battons which will hold the roof tiles go on. The roof tiles (the wrong ones, which have to be returned) arrived, as did some of the sanitary ware. A shower tray, a toilet bowl and a sink!!!

So the builders worked all week in miserable weather, but got lots done. I’m not going to post pictures today, cos I’m about to collapse with the tiredness..

So far I think this has been the most difficult week of the build. I think because the difficulties with the solicitor coincided with Josh teething and just a busy week generally. Lots of life had to happen this week and it all seemed to come at once. But its done now and hopefully next week will be brighter. Of course this week we were also promised a heatwave and we got non-stop rain instead.. bummer!

Keep on swimming, keep on swimming, keep on swimming πŸ™‚


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Day 84 – Attic and Window Sills

Today I saw the attic for the first time. When originally planning the house, I assumed the space in the roof wouldn’t allow for an attic, so it was a lovely surprise to see that we had one. And now there is a lovely ladder going up to it!

We also got window sills today, half had been fitted by the time I arrived in the morning. Now that the sills are in, the walls are ready for the external finish. Some of the sills have also been protected in the ‘high traffic’ areas!

Josh loves being in the house. He didn’t want to leave today. He kept saying ‘I’m busy’!

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Day 79 – I hope YOU are one of them!

Looking back over some of the photos of a few weeks ago, I realise how far we’ve come. Clearing the ground, pouring the foundations, it all seems like a distant memory now. I read over some old posts about the challenges that we faced, and were it not this blog, they’d all be forgotten. So I feel assured that the stress of today, is just that.. stress for today. In a few short weeks, all I’ll remember was the chill in the breeze…

There are days I wish for time to stop, but for now I’m grateful that its thundering on.

The building work is going great. Every single day that I see the house, I’m delighted by its progress. The work behind the scenes however, paper work, solicitors and such… Uuugghh, I can’t say I like it one bit.

This morning at 8.30, a beautiful sunny morning at the site, we welcomed the heating man back to plan out the ducting for the heat recovery ventilation. He’ll come to install that next week. The sanitary ware has been picked out and will be ordered soon! Now that the house is up, we’ve got to start filling it up with stuff. Heating, plumbing, electrics, insulation, then walls, plaster, paint, floors, furniture and then people… WOW… people!!

I hope YOU are one of them!!

love πŸ™‚

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End of week 10 (day 70)

This day was a most exciting day (Friday 9th of Sept)! The whole house turned green as the waterproof paper and the battons were put on. I only arrived when most of it was done. This step made the whole house entirely waterproof. In time the roof tiles will go on and cement board and a plaster render will cover the house! But for the moment the house is GREEN!

A very green house!

The builders made it look easy, but each piece of paper had to be laid over the lower one, making sure any water falls down and off the house. The windows had to be surrounded neatly, and each batton had to be the right length. Each batton was nailed to a corresponding wall stud (if that’s the correct word) inside the house. This means that the battons, walls and rafters all correspond. It makes it all look so tidy!! I like tidy!

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Comfort and Care!

protective door stop!

I don’t know about you, but there is something heart warming about another person, who you may not know very well, who takes the time and effort to care for your things. After the windows and doors were installed, I came to the site to have a look, check things out and happily came to see how carefully the doors were being protected!

While the builders are working, from morning till evening, they encase the front door in a protective wooden coat, which holds the door open with soft sponge. It means that even though the finished door is installed, it will look as brand new on the day we move in, as it did on the first day it arrived. The back door also is encased, so you can easily step out without doing any damage. I love that!

Wooden case around the door frame.

Have you ever had workmen, who walk over, bump into, scratch and damage, things that have already been installed. Thankfully it’s not something we’ve yet experienced. But I guess many just come in to do a job and don’t care about anything that doesn’t involve them.

I mentioned it to the builder and all he said was “some people have no respect!”… and unfortunately he’s right.

To make access easier they built steps!


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5th Sept – Day 66 – Sliding Window is installed

Again its been a long time since I’ve updated so you’re going to get lots all at once!

Here are a few images taken on September 5th, when the two large windows were installed. I was only there to see the last one being moved. The builders needed glass lifters as the triple glaze makes them impossible to carry. You could tell that they’d done it many times before. All 25 windows, including doors, were expertly installed in just three days. The foam filling was put in on the fourth day.

Now, over a week later, it feels like they’ve always been there. The house is settling into its plot, always a welcome view from the road!

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Day 63 – Week 8, we get the front door key!!

Friday (yesterday) was day 63, end of week 8 and the builder handed us the front door key. Most of the windows are in, just 5 more units to go, including the back door.Β It’s great being in the house now, the upstairs is all closed in, so its getting warm up there… it gave us a little taste of what’s to come!

As the windows have been going in, Rob and I have been frantically trying to figure out what kind of flooring and tiles we’re going to use, it’s a bit of a nightmare. Trying to fit personal taste and budget together!

I’m starting to get nervous about the finished house, and just hope that we do it justice. I feel responsible to get it all right…

Here are a few pictures of the windows (from the inside) that have been installed and the big metal front door! We’re going to have to get used to that!! For some reason when we ordered the windows, we (I) didn’t give any thought to the design of the front door. I just hadn’t realised it was all coming in the same shipment, from the same company. Well, can’t change it now! πŸ™‚

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