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Day 192 – 197 Soffit and Fascia

Maya helps Josh to put on his boots.


The house is now well on its way to looking very pretty indeed! As the soffit and fascia go on, the outside lights are attached, and the scaffolding is dismantled, it really feels like the end of the road for the building work. Dad even cut the grass and planted daffodil bulbs for the spring!

Externally, the levels need to be raised, so we don’t always have a two foot height difference between the inside and the outside. How we do this is still a mystery to me, but with the help of rock, steps and in time some kind of patio or decking, we’ll figure it out.

Once we get the electricity connected, the house will be a hive of activity again, but at the moment there is a little bit of a lull, waiting for the screed to dry! The heating needs to be on for at least a week, at which time the screed man will do a moisture test, and will hopefully give us the all clear to start painting and tiling.

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Day 190 – Screed in the Sun!

It’s always fantastic being in the house when the sun shines. Here are a few photos of the screed, slowly drying out!! Hey I know, fascinating stuff!!!


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Day 172 The screed is drying…

The screed is drying and walking on it for the first time was a joyful moment. Tis wonderful!!

The next step is chasing up the ESB (Electricity Supply Board) to get them to stand our poles, and connect the house to the grid. Then we can install the heat pump, turn on the heating, and completely dry out the house. We can then paint, do the second fix of plumbing and electrics and then floors, tiles and kitchen. Then I guess its time to move in. We’re hoping that’ll be around the end of February.

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Day 171 Screed

The view this evening from outside the door of the house in the city!

The timing of today couldn’t really have been more perfect! On the shortest day of the year, when many businesses are closing up for christmas, work on the site was happily winding down for a short winter break.

The floor screed, prepared and ready to go, was poured without hassle this morning, with the whole upstairs complete before I arrived at 11.30 this morning! I got there in time to take a few pictures of the screed being poured in the main living space downstairs. It’s lovely to see people working quickly, when they’re organised, and have everything they need. They just come in and do a good job. There is certainly a great level of satisfaction in that.

Now we just need to be patient and let the screed dry over the next few weeks. Though it is already able to take light traffic, it won’t be ready for floors and tiles for at least three weeks. So while all are enjoying the festive season, the floor will dry, ready for the next wave of activity after the holidays.

We were blessed this evening with a most beautiful sunset! Today Josh turns two and a half!!

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