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Quick Update – November

Hi Folks,

Just a quick update! I don’t have my camera at the moment as its been whisked off to Israel for a while, so no new photos. However LOTS is happening on site at the moment. The pictures will have to come later.

So after all the insulation was put in, the builders put the first layer of plaster on the house. That you will have seen in the last post. Now the whole house has had its final coat of plaster, which has the final colour included, so the outside of the house is almost in its completed state. It’s lovely!!! The final few slates will be finished tomorrow!

Inside, a vapour barrier has been installed on the external walls, and over that the plaster board. As of this afternoon, almost all of downstairs had been plaster boarded. And it is a huge change. No longer can we see from one side of the house to the other. For some reason, now that the plaster board is in, the windows really stand out. The house is starting to look like a real house now, and we get a much better feel for the spaces within and how we’ll mould ourselves into them. It’s very exciting!

It’s also been sunny on site the last few days which has been a lovely change from the dark, damp days we had been having.

The plumbing is almost done, and next week the plastering will start inside… then I think its the underfloor heating..

We are nearing the end now, hard to believe in such a short space of time!  🙂


Day 100 – 102 – A hive of activity!

So its been a while since my last update… but I’ve been taking pictures. Since my last update I found and started a new job!! YAY, so things have been busy. I apologise for the onslaught of updates you’re now going to get as a result!

So these photos were taken on days 100 and 102, last week! The house was s hive of activity with work being done on installing roof lights on the north facing side of the roof, tiles going up at the same time, plastering on the south facing walls, plumping, electrics, heat recovery ventilation also going in! During the week there were up to 11 people on site at the same time, which was the busiest and messiest its been since the start!!

Here is a selection of photos taken from those two days!!

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Day 96 and 97

Today we went to the house to meet with the electrician!! We spend almost 2 hours giving every socket and light switch a home. He’ll be starting next tuesday and hopes to have the job finished by the end of the week. Then the way will be clear to start installing the insulation!! Wow, can’t wait for that!!

Here are a few photo’s taken yesterday on Day 96, after the upstairs has been swept and tidied and most of the roof tiles are on the south facing side of the roof.  We brought Josh and Maya down, they had fun shouting down the plumbing pipes and looking out windows. I imagine Josh as a grown up man, looking out these windows.

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