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Day 276 – Getting ready to move in!

This week we got carpet, which was a pretty exciting development! It means that upstairs is all but finished. We just need to hoover, clean the windows, and finish a few things in the bathrooms.

Downstairs the bamboo is almost done, we’re waiting on some more floor adhesive. Rob and my Dad have been working hard on sanding and painting the door frames. The skirting boards have been put on, with just a few more pieces to go. Florence finished the hot water connection on Friday and we now have hot water and a more refined heating system.

Slowly all the little jobs that need to be done, are being finished one by one and we’re getting closer and closer to moving in. We’re going to wash the windows and clean the floor tomorrow and start moving a few boxes into the living space.

Here are a few photos of the bamboo, the kitchen and the new carpet.

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Slowly but surely we’re getting there!

Here’s a lovely photo of the house the other morning. It was the most beautiful morning, with the sunshine breaking through the haze! It turned into the loveliest day! I spent a good deal of it painting skirting boards, listening to the birds singing outside against the flow of the river..

In other great news, the tiling is all done, the plumbing is almost done, though I believe the tiles are so hard they’re breaking all of Florence’s drill bits.

The Electrics are all done, we have lots of light and electricity now and the Kitchen is almost finished. Photo’s will come soon when I get a chance to take and uploads them.

Today I took an ’emergency’ trip up to Dublin to pick up parts of the kitchen we were missing and a tool needed to drill stainless steel, without which the plumbing couldn’t be finished! I’m so glad that’s done now!


Day 255 – Bamboo Flooring

I realise, now that the house is so white, that I need to get my camera cleaned!

The last few days we saw the arrival and part installation of our tiles and bamboo flooring. The tiles came from Italy and are called ‘slate winter’ and ‘slate autumn’.

The bamboo is from China, but delivered through a company in England. Natural Strand Woven bamboo is one of the hardest materials you can use for flooring and compared to hard woods, is a great deal cheaper, mainly because bamboo grows so quickly! It is incredibly dense and so works wonderfully well with underfloor heating and has a beautifully warm finish. When we first heard about bamboo flooring we were intrigued by its hardness and liked the fast that it is sustainable product. When I ordered some samples we gave them to Josh, who was about 18 months old at the time. In typical Josh style, he started banging the living daylights out of them, and only one sample withstood his battering without as much as a dent or scratch, the natural strand woven sample. When I brought it to the site, I showed Florence the sample and proceeded to smash it with a large rock. Barely a mark!! That was the floor for us!

Here are a few pictures showing the tiles going in, the bamboo floor, some of the new window sills and the stairs. There is also a photo of the stairs going up to the attic. You’ll also notice in the background that most of the second fix electrics are also done!

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Day 242 Sunglasses required! Shedding dust!

The painting is pretty much all done! Larry has done a beautiful job! He even cleaned our most inaccessible window while he was painting around it!

As I walked in the back door, Florence, looking for something, looked as though he needed a pair of sunglasses more than anything else. I found the slight squint in his eye a little amusing! The paint is such a dazzling white its takes a second to adjust to the brightness!! Truly lovely! The whole house is the same colour and I love it! The blank page excites me, and its the same with a perfectly smooth, white room! A canvas onto which you can paint any picture. The imagination runs wild when faced with a clean white surface!

I was delighted to see that one of Florence’s previous houses has been featured in another architectural / selfbuild magazine. Though I didn’t get a chance to read the article, the pictures did the house justice!

Today was light on light on light. We also got the news that we have received planning permission on our temporary entrance!  I’m so glad we didn’t have to take the original route. It was more expensive, more difficult.

Our bathroom and utility room tiles arrived today, and the carpet is ready to be fitted. I also finally ordered the Chinese bamboo flooring, which will hopefully arrive early next week (from England!!).

It was also a gloriously sunny day today and the daffodils are out in full bloom. I brought the first boxes to my parents home (so moving house seems a lot less daunting). Rob’s driving instructor was happy with his progress and I got a lovely gift of earrings.. I have yet to pierce my ears, but I’ve been wanting to for weeks, so now I have something to wear when I do!

All in all its been a lovely day! Tomorrow is our fasting month, so like the clean, white, house, I hope this next month will see a little soul spring cleaning. I need to polish my mirror and shed a little dust (a lot of dust).



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