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Slowly but surely we’re getting there!

Here’s a lovely photo of the house the other morning. It was the most beautiful morning, with the sunshine breaking through the haze! It turned into the loveliest day! I spent a good deal of it painting skirting boards, listening to the birds singing outside against the flow of the river..

In other great news, the tiling is all done, the plumbing is almost done, though I believe the tiles are so hard they’re breaking all of Florence’s drill bits.

The Electrics are all done, we have lots of light and electricity now and the Kitchen is almost finished. Photo’s will come soon when I get a chance to take and uploads them.

Today I took an ’emergency’ trip up to Dublin to pick up parts of the kitchen we were missing and a tool needed to drill stainless steel, without which the plumbing couldn’t be finished! I’m so glad that’s done now!


Day 231 – Dealing with Delays!

It’s been a long month! We’ve been waiting for the ESB to connect us to the grid, but finally it’s done. We have power, we have heat and while we were waiting, the builders built an entrance, so no more ramp! Though the entrance isn’t finished yet, it’s looking good so far!

Here are a few catch up photos taken over the last few weeks! It has been wonderful walking into a warm house, even though there’s nothing in it yet! Once the floor is dry and we get the go ahead, the painting will begin and then floors, tiles, plumping and electrics (2nd fix). It’s going to get very busy, very soon!

We’ll start moving stuff into my parents home down the lane in just 3 weeks! Hopefully we’ll be in the house a couple of weeks after that!

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Day 200

Finally the scaffolding has come down and for the first time we see the finished external render in all its loveliness. Outside the house has been tidied up and cleaned and looks ready to move in. Unfortunately we’re still waiting for the ESB (Electricity Supply Board) to connect us to the grid, so we can turn on the heating and finish off the inside. But we’re hoping that’ll be done next week.

In the mean time, here are a few pictures taken today!

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Day 192 – 197 Soffit and Fascia

Maya helps Josh to put on his boots.


The house is now well on its way to looking very pretty indeed! As the soffit and fascia go on, the outside lights are attached, and the scaffolding is dismantled, it really feels like the end of the road for the building work. Dad even cut the grass and planted daffodil bulbs for the spring!

Externally, the levels need to be raised, so we don’t always have a two foot height difference between the inside and the outside. How we do this is still a mystery to me, but with the help of rock, steps and in time some kind of patio or decking, we’ll figure it out.

Once we get the electricity connected, the house will be a hive of activity again, but at the moment there is a little bit of a lull, waiting for the screed to dry! The heating needs to be on for at least a week, at which time the screed man will do a moisture test, and will hopefully give us the all clear to start painting and tiling.

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Day 142 – 147 Photo update!

Finally, I got my camera back and can now update you on our progress so far. We are in the process now of doing the plaster boarding upstairs and plastering downstairs. It is slow going because upstairs there are so many angles that cutting all the plasterboard to the correct size and shape is quite a challenge.

Downstairs the plastering is taking time because the plasterers are trying to finish another outdoor job at another site and so only visit our site when its raining. So that is also taking some time!

Rob and I are wracking our brains trying to figure out what type of flooring to put down, its such a big part of the house but we only have a small budget for it! Suggestions are welcome! It would be our hope to put down bamboo.. its as hard as rock and has a lovely warm feeling to it! We’ll have to wait and see!

So here are some photos!!

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Quick Update – November

Hi Folks,

Just a quick update! I don’t have my camera at the moment as its been whisked off to Israel for a while, so no new photos. However LOTS is happening on site at the moment. The pictures will have to come later.

So after all the insulation was put in, the builders put the first layer of plaster on the house. That you will have seen in the last post. Now the whole house has had its final coat of plaster, which has the final colour included, so the outside of the house is almost in its completed state. It’s lovely!!! The final few slates will be finished tomorrow!

Inside, a vapour barrier has been installed on the external walls, and over that the plaster board. As of this afternoon, almost all of downstairs had been plaster boarded. And it is a huge change. No longer can we see from one side of the house to the other. For some reason, now that the plaster board is in, the windows really stand out. The house is starting to look like a real house now, and we get a much better feel for the spaces within and how we’ll mould ourselves into them. It’s very exciting!

It’s also been sunny on site the last few days which has been a lovely change from the dark, damp days we had been having.

The plumbing is almost done, and next week the plastering will start inside… then I think its the underfloor heating..

We are nearing the end now, hard to believe in such a short space of time!  🙂


Day 114 – 118

It feels like its been a slow few weeks! The weather has been miserable and so the outside of the house hasn’t been completed. We’ve been waiting for the first coat of plaster to dry so the final, pre-coloured plaster can be applied. I hope the ‘hot pink’ colour we’ve chosen for the house will look good.

Meanwhile inside the house the ceilings were insulated with sound insulation and plaster board was applied. It looks great and gives the place a new, brighter and bigger feel. Over the next few days the walls will be covered in plaster board and for the first time we’ll have proper rooms. No more looking from one end of the house to the other!!

It would be lovely to have a few nice sunny days though.

We have finally had to start drawing down on the mortgage which will increase the pressure to get the house completed. It seems like the end is just around the corner, yet at the same time, it feels like its very far away!

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