Moving in Update!

24 Apr

So we officially moved in on Sunday, but only slept here on Monday night.

Josh has been quite unwell and so we didn’t want to disrupt him more than he already has been. We were quite worried about him, and I felt that all the moving about was just too much for him. He has been very clingy, not wanting to leave my arms at all, very upset and needing a lot of reassurance. He was waking with nightmares, seeing monsters in the dark and started to want to sleep with the light on. He was barely eating and had no energy.

I hadn’t realised just how much all this moving was taking out of him so today I took him to see a new homeopath. Thankfully the remedy she gave him has so far been working really well and seems to be helping him cope better with all the recent changes. I think I felt that he was very resiliant but in reality he has been as sensitive to the stress of moving, as we all have been.

I’m just so relieved he seems to be on the mend now.. Once we’re a little more settled I will update the photos. But for now I’m going to enjoy my evening, as for once Josh is sleeping happily upstairs.

Being in the house has been a real pleasure so far. The shower is great, the kitchen is a dream, the spaces are lovely, it’s always warm and its so nice and quiet. Sound doesn’t seem to travel through the house and falling asleep last night, with the beautiful sound of birds singing and the river flowing was just lovely. When its dark you can see a spread of shining stars from the window.. Now that Josh is feeling better, we’ll really be able to unpack the mess of boxes and get ourselves organised.

I will update more soon!


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2 responses to “Moving in Update!

  1. LiL

    April 26, 2012 at 1:50 pm

    Irene, Rob and Joshua

    Your new home is absolutely incredible…….You all must be very happy and excited with the finished product. Well done you folks. Now it is time to settle in, enjoy and starting building on many years of great memories in your new family home. Love you all, your sis LiL….

    • clubjuncture

      April 30, 2012 at 9:45 am

      Thank you so much Lil, we really hope that some of those memories will have you in them!
      The house is great, it’s a real pleasure. We look forward to building a few shelves here and there so we can start taking stuff off he floor!! It’s cory, bright and warm.. we feel lucky indeed! love you, irene


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