Day 171 Screed

21 Dec

The view this evening from outside the door of the house in the city!

The timing of today couldn’t really have been more perfect! On the shortest day of the year, when many businesses are closing up for christmas, work on the site was happily winding down for a short winter break.

The floor screed, prepared and ready to go, was poured without hassle this morning, with the whole upstairs complete before I arrived at 11.30 this morning! I got there in time to take a few pictures of the screed being poured in the main living space downstairs. It’s lovely to see people working quickly, when they’re organised, and have everything they need. They just come in and do a good job. There is certainly a great level of satisfaction in that.

Now we just need to be patient and let the screed dry over the next few weeks. Though it is already able to take light traffic, it won’t be ready for floors and tiles for at least three weeks. So while all are enjoying the festive season, the floor will dry, ready for the next wave of activity after the holidays.

We were blessed this evening with a most beautiful sunset! Today Josh turns two and a half!!

Check out the Fast Floor Screed Ltd HERE. They really know their stuff!!


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2 responses to “Day 171 Screed

  1. Big Sis

    December 22, 2011 at 6:44 pm

    It looks like you have a first rate builder that has everything working like clockwork!!

    Lucky you, or well-chosen decision!

    See you in a few days!!

    XX Big sis!

    • clubjuncture

      December 23, 2011 at 9:09 pm

      Florence is a first rate builder, as is his son Aidan, and all the people they choose to work with them. I feel very lucky indeed! We really couldn’t have chosen nicer, more genuine people!


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