Day 148 – 162 more plastering!

14 Dec

I imagine following this blog is pretty boring at this stage! I apologise for not being awake enough to make it more interesting, or to take more interesting pictures. I’m not very sure how to make ‘plastering’ interesting. Now that winter is in full swing, everything seems dark, cold and grey. Drippy and never ending!! But we’ll get there! Thanks for keeping up with things. 

It’s seems like the plastering has been going on for a long long time. I guess its been a few weeks now, but it feels like we’re making great progress. The plasterers finished up today. The next few days the house will be cleaned and the floors prepared for the underfloor heating tubes. Next Monday the screed will be poured and then we just have to let that dry over the holidays.

It feels like we’re on the home run now and its coming to the decision time again. We’ll have to pick our finishes, and its here that the house will either come together or fall apart!! Though all in all its going brilliantly, until the last light switch has been turned off and I’m rolling over in our new bed, I won’t relax!

It’s been just over 5 months since we started this adventure, and I couldn’t have foreseen how well it would all go. I’m so glad we’ve had such great builders, who’ve worked to such a high standard, it has made the journey so far very easy!

Here are some photos over the last few days.. they give you an idea of the plastering work that has been going on. Its a bit of a marathon!! 

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2 responses to “Day 148 – 162 more plastering!

  1. dove19

    December 14, 2011 at 3:23 pm

    Dear Irene, Robert and Josh!

    I’ve started to see all the furniture and the warmth in the house… there’ll be kids running up and down the stairs and the sun and the rain will beat down on those windows! (I know, I’ve lived in a house with roof windows!!)

    I’m so proud of you two for making this all happen! It really inspires me to think big, and realise that at least some dreams can be realised. With will and love and hard work!!

    Well done guys! I’m really looking forward to seeing more than pictures… although the pics are great too!!

    See you soon,

    Lots of love,


    • clubjuncture

      December 16, 2011 at 1:30 am

      Thanks!! It’s lovely to see it all coming together now… to see all the hardwork coming to fruition! It’s very rewarding, and even though we’re coming to the ‘end’ of the project. It really is a whole new beginning…

      We can’t wait till you come and visit and walk around for yourself!!

      love i


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