Day 110 or thereabouts!

24 Oct

The last week or so has seen a lot of finishing up jobs being done. The roof was being finished, as was the insulation, the electrics, the plumbing, the plastering.. It’s been a very busy time on site, with lots of changes, most of which you’ve already seen! Some days there were up to 11 workmen (and women!!) on site!

Now we can see these jobs in their more complete state. I haven’t been able to be on site as often as I’d like, because I’ve started in a new job and also, this week, because Josh has a nasty cold and needs to stay indoors for a while.

But here are a few photos of the nice tidied house and some of the outside!! I feel like these are all pictures you’ve seen before! Though I think the plastering on the outside wasn’t complete the last time!!

This week we’ll see the inside plastering going on, so we’ll have internal walls. I really look forward to seeing that! It’ll give the house a very different feel, as we will no longer be able to see from one side of the house to the other. I imaging it’ll start to look dark again, but in some rooms it may even look brighter as the light will have no where to go!

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