Day 104 – Spray foam insulation – the stuff of magic!

18 Oct

Today was very exciting, as the upstairs gets its first taste of the soy based, spray foam insulation. This stuff is incredible. It sprays on as a liquid and then expands to 100 times its size, filling and sealing every little gap, hole, or crack. It can be sprayed into areas that would otherwise be impossible to reach, into gaps that would be too small for other types of insulation. Once its expands it immediately hardens and becomes inert, never degrading, always keeping its insulating properties.

Once hard, the excess is trimmed to make the walls flat, ready for the plaster board. To the touch its feels warm and soft. There is no smell from its once its hard! I love it!!

The real benefit to this type of insulation is that it completely seals the house, so heat can’t escape (except very slowly), which will cut our heating costs considerably!

Here are some pictures with captions!!

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