Day 79 – I hope YOU are one of them!

20 Sep

Looking back over some of the photos of a few weeks ago, I realise how far we’ve come. Clearing the ground, pouring the foundations, it all seems like a distant memory now. I read over some old posts about the challenges that we faced, and were it not this blog, they’d all be forgotten. So I feel assured that the stress of today, is just that.. stress for today. In a few short weeks, all I’ll remember was the chill in the breeze…

There are days I wish for time to stop, but for now I’m grateful that its thundering on.

The building work is going great. Every single day that I see the house, I’m delighted by its progress. The work behind the scenes however, paper work, solicitors and such… Uuugghh, I can’t say I like it one bit.

This morning at 8.30, a beautiful sunny morning at the site, we welcomed the heating man back to plan out the ducting for the heat recovery ventilation. He’ll come to install that next week. The sanitary ware has been picked out and will be ordered soon! Now that the house is up, we’ve got to start filling it up with stuff. Heating, plumbing, electrics, insulation, then walls, plaster, paint, floors, furniture and then people… WOW… people!!

I hope YOU are one of them!!

love 🙂

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Posted by on September 20, 2011 in From the Heart, Timber Frame


2 responses to “Day 79 – I hope YOU are one of them!

  1. dove19

    September 22, 2011 at 6:50 pm

    It’ll be my pleasure!!



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