Comfort and Care!

15 Sep

protective door stop!

I don’t know about you, but there is something heart warming about another person, who you may not know very well, who takes the time and effort to care for your things. After the windows and doors were installed, I came to the site to have a look, check things out and happily came to see how carefully the doors were being protected!

While the builders are working, from morning till evening, they encase the front door in a protective wooden coat, which holds the door open with soft sponge. It means that even though the finished door is installed, it will look as brand new on the day we move in, as it did on the first day it arrived. The back door also is encased, so you can easily step out without doing any damage. I love that!

Wooden case around the door frame.

Have you ever had workmen, who walk over, bump into, scratch and damage, things that have already been installed. Thankfully it’s not something we’ve yet experienced. But I guess many just come in to do a job and don’t care about anything that doesn’t involve them.

I mentioned it to the builder and all he said was “some people have no respect!”… and unfortunately he’s right.

To make access easier they built steps!


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