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23 Aug

Just a quick quick update! Last week was a hectic week, and this week is turning out to be the same. I’ve been on site twice this week already and taken plenty of photos again… to be honest I’m just wrecked tired and don’t have the energy to upload and post them here for you tonight! So I’m going to delay for another day and hopefully upload some tomorrow.

As of today, pretty much the whole roof has its rafters now and plywood has been applied to half of it. I had a very odd and lovely feeling when I went upstairs today, because half of our ‘bedroom’ is now covered over. I was able to stand in its corner, sheltered from the breeze by the firmly nailed-down plywood and feel cosy.

It was a new feeling, feeling cosy in the bedroom…hahaha!!!

Another great thing is that the grass seed I planted last week is starting to sprout!!!! YAY 🙂

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Sorry no photos today! More coming soon.

love i

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