Day 44 – The roof goes on!

16 Aug

Today saw the first glimpses of the roof as it rose into the blue skies above. It was beautiful! I had imaged this day for a long long time! I got to see the four lads work on it as I spread grass seed and rolled the garden (finally). Seeing the roof go on is another great milestone! We now finally have a very clear idea of how the shape of the house will be. The roof was higher than I had in mind, but it means we will have a substantial attic, which I didn’t think we would have. It allows for further (minimal/low) expansion down the road, of just a lovely big attic. Most likely the latter!

It was also really lovely to finally see the ground rolled and seeded, the last part is not completely finished. Sister A. and myself worked very hard on Saturday, and I took over on Sunday to finish as much as I could. Rob minded Josh who was nursing a miserable cold all weekend (which I now have… AAACHhhhooooo!) I was going to roll that ground though come hell or high water.. so now its done!! And I can rest for a few days!

The shape of the house looks strange still because most of the windows are covered with plywood until the windows arrive and are fitted. That should happen in a few weeks. Now the roof will need to be completed, the cable ends of the house will be done tomorrow and then the roof will be sealed. The internal walls upstairs will go in next week. The house will be completely sealed when the windows are in!

Enjoy the pictures!

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