Day 26 – The Floor!

30 Jul

Today is day 26 already, and I hadn’t been at the site since Wednesday. I realise now that its unrealistic for me to be at the site everyday. I don’t need to be there, yet I feel drawn to it, like a moth to the light. It relaxes me, I feel happy … there is an incredible peace there! I’m not sure if others feel it too, but there is a stillness there… a quieting energy!

Today it felt like the whole place came to life! The floor is like a gigantic dance floor and had the builder and his son not been there, I might have stepped out a few right there and then! I’m going to have to start putting my yoga mat in the car for those opportune moments when its just me and ‘the floor’. It’s very inviting indeed!

It was also wonderfully confirming seeing the first wood on site come to life. I’m so glad we didn’t go the block route. Wood has its own story to tell, it has a warmth about it, which block just doesn’t have. Sorry block, but you’re cold and grey and I don’t like you!

Again I’m so happy that we have the builders we do. They are wonderful people! I feel like they are building our home as if it were their own! They installed a tap in the ‘garden’ (see picture) which had a spout for a hose and one for just washing hands, because who wants to wash their hands using a hose??? I didn’t think it mattered… but thats the way the builder likes it done… properly!!!

Sigh (tired and happy!) I can’t wait till you can all come and visit…

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2 responses to “Day 26 – The Floor!

  1. franssteffens

    August 10, 2011 at 5:35 pm

    Hello Irene,

    At first: you can see that its working now. We seen the pictures, it is going very fast!!! It is a little difficult to write in Englisch so i have to surch how i can give an reaction.

    The buld very clean, there is no mes on the place. I ask myself how the wood is going up, so i follow your blog,

    We wish you a good and succesfyl thime.

    Many Dutch greatings,

    Gemma and Frans.

    • clubjuncture

      August 11, 2011 at 9:01 am

      Hello Gemma and Frans,
      I’m so glad that you are following along! It is going very fast.. I have been very impressed that the builder and his workmen are keeping everything very clean and tidy. It’s great! I look forward to your visit when it’s finished!! love for us all here!


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