Day 8 – 18 check this out!!! This blows me away!

21 Jul

Today was so exciting!! I didn’t know whether to run and hug someone or cry!! I never imaged I’d get so excited about a digger moving dirt and stone around but WOW… our builder uses this system of building a suspended timber floor, which means there is a crawl-space under the house. This system is not commonly used in ireland but it means that all the ground works can be completed at the very beginning of the build, leaving the area around the house in an almost finished state!

The builder also likes to have the site clean and tidy before the starts the timber framing, so today we saw the first glimpses of the finished ground level outside the house and how the shape of the garden will be. It’s still very early days, but it was a huge milestone. The ground can hold a lot of uncertainty, there really is no way of knowing what you’re going to find, till you find it. So to be done with the ground works stage is wonderful!

Take a look at the slideshow of the last two weeks! I can hardly believe the progress… and I am still finding it hard to grasp that this is all happening for real!! Thank you so so much for coming along for the ride!!

Click HERE for a better look at the finished ground works!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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