Day 17 – Catch up post (posted on day 18!)

21 Jul

I really need to keep up to date with this!!!! I was just looking back at the last update and so much has happened… and it’s only been three days!

So last week was all about getting the foundations in, laying the radon barrier, and putting in the septic tank! So far this week the rest of the sewage system was installed which included a pumping chamber, puraflo system and a percolation area.

Three trees came down to brighten up the sight (more on that in a minute), the last of the geothermal collectors were laid and the pipes are now resting in what will be the crawl space under the house, ready for when the house is built and the heating system is installed.

All the remaining electrical cable ducting was put in the ground (about 15 meters of it), as were all the drains around the house for rain water. A new trench and ducting was put in to bring water and electricity to a future garage at the side of the site if we can ever afford one!!

5 new layers of block were laid over the radon barrier and the radon barrier was brought up and over (see pictures) to protect the crawl space from water that could come in from the ground. It looked like a wedding cake! We now have a total of 8 layers of blocks. The suspended timber floor will be laid on top of that.

Today, as all the ducting, trench digging and ground works are FINISHED, the digger moved on to back filling around the house and landscaping. Pictures of that will come later today I hope. So in only three days, lots of work has been done.

This day next week the timber for the frame will be brought to the site. So from now till then, a lot of preparing will happen to get the site ready for the next stage. Lots of clean up, making it look pretty! Hopefully over the weekend we will rake and seed the ground that is now finished to stop weeds from taking over the site!  Most of the landscaping will have to wait till the house is up and the heavy machinery is gone.

Four trees have now been taken down on the eastern side of the site. These trees were old, growing in the centre of the stream and to a large degree blocking its course. I debated for a long time whether I should take them out or leave them in. After much thought, we decided to take them out and to try to restore the stream. Hopefully soon we will plant some new trees in their place, to the side of the steam this time! I didn’t like the idea of cutting down 4 healthy trees, and found it quite emotional seeing the wide empty gap where the trees once stood. But the site is undeniably brighter and the view is beautiful. We now get a lovely view of the river!

I’m going to update the last few days in photos in individual posts, otherwise it gets confusing. Watch this space!!

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