Day 10 – Ground Works Galore!!

14 Jul

Today it was all about the ground! It’s really incredible how much the ground can be manipulated to accommodate us humans. I have felt so sorry for the field that it had to go through all this and yet this is one of the most eco friendly things we can do! These trenches were actually dug yesterday but here are some images to show you the extent of the work!

Digger Driver had to dig two 150 meter trenches in this field, like two long snakes winding down the length of it. Its an impressive piece of work!! These will house 600 meters worth of piping which will act as collectors for the geothermal heating system, which should give us heating for the whole house, including water, all year round. The more efficiently they work, the less our running costs will be! Though with this kind of system our heating costs will be up to 70% less than the average home. Which I find amazing!

There were two options when it came to collectors! We could lay them horizontally, as we’re doing here, or dig a 150m deep borehole. We are saving about 7000 euro by laying them horizontally, and though its very messy, by this time next year, the field will look as though it’s never been touched. However we do need to plant grass seed and give it some loving attention this summer! I’ve been advised by digger driving to get our neighboring farmer to rotovate it, plant seed and then roll the ground to made sure we don’t get ugly weeds springing up and to make sure the ground it nice and flat again!!! Imagine having a lawn 150 meters long… we’ll have to get a fancy lawn mover!!

Today the ground works for the septic tank, puraflo system and percolation area were also dug. This took an almighty amount of thought, measuring and decisions. We had to make sure we didn’t go near boundary fences, trees, water systems, or the house. So trying to fit such a huge system into the space we had was a challenge but we did it! The percolation area itself will house 96 linear meters of piping!! The hole for the septic tank was big enough to bury my car!! And once it’s all done, you’ll never even know its there!!

Also today the first layer of bricks was layed on the foundations! There will be up to 7 layers in total onto which the suspended floor will be put. I can’t wait for that!! We’ll get a good idea then of our FFL (finished floor level). Then the timber frame will emerge!!

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