Day 8 and 9 – Foundations!!

12 Jul

The last two days have been so exciting. Digger Driver completed the last of the trenches the foundation, from now on the house can only go UP! There are still a lot of ground works to be done, but now, the house will rise!! And that feels fantastic!

The last two days have seen the foundations being dug, poured and smoothed out, the trench for the geothermal collectors excavated (over 300 meters of it), blocks for the crawl space delivered, sand ordered. The timing of it all went like clockwork and the sun shone gloriously for the duration. If we get one or two days each week like the ones we’ve just had, we’ll be doing pretty well I think !

There was a lot of running up and down between Mom and Dad’s and the site. Between Dad, Little Sis and I we had four kids to mind, so I was trying to spend as little time as possible on the site… But as each new stage begins, new decisions have to be made. The site has to be organised and everyone needs to know what’s going on. I love to whole process, but I’m also so aware that J needs a lot of my time! We’re trying to include him as much as possible, but the juggling can be, well, just that… a juggle!!

Here are the last two days in photos! (If it crosses your mind that there are too many pictures, be glad I didn’t post all 93 of them!!!

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Posted by on July 12, 2011 in Ground Works


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