Why call the blog Club Juncture?

03 Jul

Why call the blog clubjuncture?

Club Juncture because …

  • The act of joining or the condition of being joined.
  • A place where two things are joined; a junction or joint.
  • A point in time, especially a critical point.

The word juncture has a lot of meaning to me at the moment. When things are physically coming together, the building of the house is going to be a lot of things coming together. It is the coming together of ideas, of love, of work, effort, dreams, of building materials.

It is a coming together of the ‘traveling’ side of myself and the ‘settled’ side of myself. In my mind I’m connecting to the part of myself that will slow down, be mother, nutritionist, yoga teacher… and that person who will get old. I see this as my ‘place’ to grow, deepen and mature! That may sound morbid or silly, but its a really exciting thought to me.

I feel like its going to be a place where I can spread my wings!! So I’m joining to that person inside! I don’t feel at all settled where I am now, always wondering will we rent another house, move to canada, live in the city or the country, a big house or a little house.

Because there will be more space in this place, I feel like I’m linking to my truer self, the person who has space to invite, host, have people around, move.. grow flowers!

Also, during this process I will have many decisions to make, I feel there will be moments of crisis and victory, where I will have to challenge myself and confront myself…

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