Before the earth is turned…

27 Jun

I probably should have started this blog two years ago, because that’s really where the story begins. Right after the birth of J. Sitting on the sofa, watching him sleep, googling over episode after episode of Grand Designs with Kevin McCloud and sketching my ideas on graph paper. But alas! I didn’t start then, I’m starting now, and probably better for you, because its been a LOOOOOOONG road to get here.

Planning took a while, but it was manageable. We had to clear up issues relating to possible flooding, our exit onto the main road and right of way onto the lane.. pretty standard stuff really. Trying to get a mortgage was another thing altogether. I expected it to be easy, but in today’s economic climate I should have known better. Now over two months from our first mortgage application, we have a formal loan offer in hand, we just need to sign the papers.

Talking to the builder this morning, he wants to be on site and BEGIN next monday… TODAY WEEK, 7 days from now… 7…6…5…4…3…2…1, thats it.. next week. I wasn’t sure how I should react! Two years in the planning and now we’re going to start on Monday??? I will believe it when I see it! And you can believe it when I post it here, with a photo!!

Today I felt an overwhelming need to go to the field, sit in the beautiful, undisturbed grass and say a prayer. Say sorry to the land that it’s going to be ripped open and laid to waste (for a while), but also a prayer of gratitude, for letting us… for having us… for giving to us, what I hope will be ‘home’ for a long portion of our lives.

So if I have time, I’m going to do that tomorrow, or before the earth is turned.


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